I have to confess I have in the past been sceptical about mind treatments. From a professional stance, I've seen others benefit from various techniques but didn't ever entertain the idea of engaging the services of anyone myself. However when the opportunity arose, I am glad I took you up on it.  I found the session very useful and within a week was able to incorporate the techniques into my daily routine. 


I found your approach very personable and this, in turn, meant I was able to easily and meaningfully discuss matters openly. 


I am grateful for your input. Thank you. 


I.B. Basingstoke

I approached Steve Scott when I found out that he might be able to help me overcome my fear of flying. 


I had two sessions with Steve before I embarked on a pre-booked holiday. He explained clearly what he would try to do, what I could expect to get from the sessions and we both were aware that my flying experience would hopefully improve and at least it wouldn’t get any worse. Therefore I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose. 


The sessions were conducted in a safe, tranquil environment and I definitely felt calmer about the impending flight afterwards. 


A couple of days before the flight, I started to feel the customary apprehension, but using Steve’s techniques helped calm myself down. On the day of the outward flight, I was stressed but as soon as we took off, I started to calm down and then much to my delight even quite enjoyed the flight! 

In summary, I would recommend Steve Scott’s approach, help and professional manner. I will certainly return to him for a ‘refresher’ session before my next flight. 


AJ - Earley

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Thankyou so much for all your help with our problems with our son. It has helped him a lot to know he has people behind him. 


J Mc - Earley

I'll always remember you for 'There are only two types of people - radiators and drains'. Just brilliant!