Before all sessions, I offer a FREE, no obligation initial 30-minute consultation - this is so that we can both be sure that we are the right people to be working together.


During this initial consultation, I also advise on the likely number of sessions needed, so that you know what you are taking on - between two and four sessions are normally sufficient to bring about the changes you want, but obviously this depends on individual circumstances. However, please be reassured that if you decide to work with me I will not be dragging things out unnecessarily as a way of taking an ever larger fee from you - my aim is to help you achieve the changes you want as quickly as possible so that you can go and get on with your life! Hypnotherapy and NLP are remarkably effective in bringing about rapid results for the client.


After the initial free consultation, if we decide to proceed, you can go ahead and book a further 'paid for' session - or if you feel ready, we can get going straight away! This choice is down to you - I do not engage in high-pressure salesmanship because the success of our time together depends on you feeling comfortable with, and ready for, working with me.


  • A single session normally lasts an hour and costs £50.00; a double session, two hours, costs £80.00.


  • The Stop Smoking Programme involves an initial 90-minute session, with a follow-up session approximately 

       two weeks later where we do some final consolidation work to ensure you truly are now a non-smoker. The cost for             the two sessions is £99.00


  • The 'No Diets...No Eating Plans...No Excuses Weight Loss Programme' involves five sessions for which there is a one-off payment of £300.