What is Hypnotherapy ?

Hypnosis is a different state of consciousness from being awake or asleep, and many people compare the deep, relaxed state of hypnosis to daydreaming.


Hypnotherapy works with your subconscious mind, using the power of beneficial suggestion to help you bring about the changes you want.






When hypnotized, you will still have awareness and control - so, no, you will not and cannot be made to dance around like a chicken (unless you want to!). What I offer is clinical hypnotherapy, designed to help you, NOT stage hypnosis designed to entertain others.


Similarly, you cannot get 'stuck' in hypnosis, you will not have an out of body experience, you cannot be made  to reveal embarrassing secrets or personal information - and clinical hypnosis has absolutely no connection with magic, voodoo or weird religious cults!


What will happen in a typical session is that you will be helped to reach a deeply relaxed state so that your subconscious mind can then listen to, understand and accept suggestions that will enable you to bring about the changes YOU want.


Hypnotherapy can help with many emotional problems, including


  • anxiety,

  • stress,

  • anger,

  • fears and phobias.


Many physical problems can also be effectively treated with hypnosis too, including 


  • smoking,

  • weight issues,

  • insomnia.




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