About Steve


Steve was a teacher and Headteacher for 35 years, working in a variety of schools. In this time he helped thousands of children to fulfil their potential and go on to achieve success in their education. But often, the job also involved helping children overcome the non academic barriers that were holding them back - problems such as. 


  • anxiety

  • bullying

  • stress

  • anger management

  • low self esteem


And the job wasn't just about helping children - parents and adults working in a school environment can also frequently experience feelings of anxiety, stress, fear and anger in both their professional and personal lives, often resulting in insomnia or an inability to relax. Much of Steve's work involved coaching and counselling adults! 



Alongside a passion for education, Steve has had a life-long interest in personal development. This led him to qualifying as an NLP Practitioner and then to undergo further Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching training with Ali Campbell. 



Steve is also qualified as an 'NLP4Kids' Practitioner.





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